1. Balloons over Lake for Your Import Car Doctor

    3 Reasons to Love Your Import Car Doctor

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Your Import Car Doctor! Here in Colorado Springs, we’re blown away by the reviews and testimonials that we’re constantly getting from great folks in our community just like yourself. We pride ourselves on giving everyone who walks into our door the same qual…Read More

  2. Volvo Front End

    What Sets Volvo Apart From Other Cars?

    Imagine performing the last search for a “Volvo Mechanic Near Me” you’ll ever have to make. Gone are the days in which you have to search mechanics, read reviews, and ask around. When you find a trustworthy, fair, experienced, and professional mechanic that you love, you tend to go to them for…Read More

  3. Common Issues for Imports Part 2

    The Most Common Issues For Imports, Pt 2

    Welcome back to our blog series about import cars and some of the most common problems that plague these beautiful cars. In part one, we discussed the history, common issues, and where to get repairs for Lexus and BMWs. These companies each have a unique history; Lexus is less than thirty-years-old,…Read More

  4. Deployment Time? How to Store Your Car to Avoid Car Repairs Later – Part 1

    You may have heard a horror story or two from someone who stuck their car in storage to keep it safe while away on a long-term business trip, T.D.Y., deployment, or some other extended trip. If they were lucky, maybe a stray branch or a hail storm came through and did damage to the car while the own…Read More

  5. Car Service vs. Tune Up

    Car Service Versus Tune Up

    When your car starts sputtering and jolting, one of the first things you’ll probably hear is, “Well, did you bother to go in for a regular tune up?” If you’ve had a friend ask this, well, we understand the urge to roll your eyes at their helpfulness, but that raises an excellent question. Yo…Read More

  6. Car Diagnostics

    What Is A Car Diagnostic and Do I Need One?

    If you’re here and asking questions about car diagnostics, we’re guessing you’re probably looking for more information about that weird noise or funky feeling your car just started making. We aren’t going to fill you with false-platitudes and tell you it’s nothing to worry about. Usually, …Read More

  7. Car Service

    Car Service Before You PCS

    Moving comes with a wealth of different hoops to jump through. Hiring movers, packing everything, selling your home, buying a new one, finding schools for the kids—the list is so long it can be hard to find the end of it. When you have so much to keep track of, don’t let car troubles be the stra…Read More