What is Flat Rate and Why is it Bad for Customers?

At Your Import Car Doctor in Colorado Springs, we pay our technicians and service team an hourly rate for all work, not by commission or “flat-rate” based on a particular service. Many other shops use this “flat-rate” system to pay their employees. By paying our staff a standard hourly rate, it takes away the motivation to oversell non-urgent work and rush through your car repair in an attempt to log more hours and increase their income.

For example, when a shop pays their mechanics a “flat-rate,” it means if a job pays three hours and they cut corners and do it in just two hours, they still get paid the full three hours. This frequently causes them to hurry and rush through the repair and to also recommend more repairs that might not be immediately needed or due. Essentially, they can rack up more hours and increase their wage well over the eight hour work day! Our hourly pay car repair rate system eliminates this potentially fraudulent and reckless work ethic and ensures our auto repair service is about quality work on your vehicle.

We can do anything from the basic repairs on your Volvo or Subaru to complex services on any vehicle.

If you have questions regarding the difference between Flat-Rate and hourly rates, please contact us.