No one enjoys experiencing car troubles. For most of us, our vehicles are an integral part of everyday life, so as soon as something goes wrong, it can often feel like life devolves into chaos. When your car is out of commission, even the little things can build up to be major hurdles. Think about getting the kids to school and activities, grabbing groceries, running errands, or even something as simple as figuring out how to get to work and back when you don’t have a working vehicle. At Your Import Car Doctor, we are a locally owned and operating mechanic service and we pride ourselves on being a part of the Colorado Springs community—as we have been for more than thirty years already. When it comes to car repairs, you should be able to trust that your mechanic has your best interest at heart, not the bottom line, and we run our shop with that as our primary goal.


What We Believe

In a society that is overloaded with big-box stores and nationally owned chains, we feel that the personal touch is one of the things that most often inhibits a business. Your Import Car Doctor is proud to be a locally-owned small business that lives in the community we serve; there’s no board of executives governing how we run our business from halfway across the country. What this means to you is that we can focus on each of our clients and their individual needs. We believe our service and value will exceed that of the dealer because we can provide that personal touch. Whether you come in with car troubles or you’re looking for a tune-up before a long trip, we believe honesty is the best policy. Our mechanic team offers a free 40-point vehicle inspection, and we use the same diagnostic tools that the dealerships do. After a careful inspection, we will take the time to explain our findings so you can understand exactly what is going on with your car. We believe in safety for you and your car, but we also understand that your time and savings have more value than the bottom line. Because this is true for every customer we serve, we will tell you whether repairs are immediately necessary or if they can wait.

Who We Serve

When we opened our doors more than thirty years ago, we were Colorado Springs’ Volvo specialists. From there, we expanded to Subaru and Saab and, as our customers continued to trust in the quality of our work, expanded to the point that we needed a new location so we had space for all the different makes and models we repair. Our specialty is imported vehicles from manufacturers like Honda, Lexus, Nissan, and BMW, but we are happy to help with whatever your need is. If your old Ford is an ever-growing headache, feel free to call our team and ask. We may be able to help you out, even if it isn’t an import. No matter what make and model your vehicle is, we can guarantee a certain level of quality—we are trained to do the job right the first time, we’ll explain what’s going on and answer your questions before we begin work, and we’ll be honest about your vehicle’s needs. No surprises and no unnecessary upsells.


Our Rates

In order to do our best for every customer, we’ve done away with the old “flat-rate” method of paying our mechanics. With the “flat-rate” payment method, a mechanic gets paid based on the hours quoted to do a job. So, for example, if a job is quoted at four hours, the technician doing the work will get paid for four hours of work. More often than not, it means many workers will rush to get the job done more quickly in order to make more money, which results in shoddy repair jobs. At Your Import Car Doctor, we’ve done away with the “flat-rate” payment system. We pay our mechanics hourly so our team won’t rush to get done more quickly and earn more. It’s just another way we encourage an environment where we all do what’s best for you and your vehicle. beli


Whether you need Subaru repair or VW service, trust your vehicle to the mechanic team that has your best interests at heart. Stay tuned to our blog for more about our services, or contact us today to arrange an appointment!