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What country is known for its amazing beer, its one-of-a-kind road system, and of course, its quality vehicles? If you answered Germany, then you are not alone in this belief. It probably comes as no surprise to most of us that in addition to the great beer and easy road systems, some of the best and most impressive cars have come out of Germany. German engineering seems to stand out and when you add that to the look, popularity, comfort, and safety that many German vehicles provide, we find it hard to say anything negative about the cars that have come out of this country over the years. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to look at some of the best cars made in Germany.

The Illustrious Audi

Being one of the oldest German car makers, Audi produced its first model, The Audi Type A, along with 140 other cars of the same type, in 1910. The Type A was soon followed by the Type B only one year later. Audi continued their production and improved with each model. In 1921, Audi became the first German car manufacturers to make a production car.

The Audi Type K was a left-handed car that amassed major popularity and established itself to be dominant in Europe due to its improved view of oncoming traffic. Audi has continued making changes, innovations, and improvements throughout the years, and though they’ve been a constant presence in the making of quality cars since their beginning, Audi has gained valid traction with increases in sales in the last two decades.

Today, Audi is a well-respected company that is known for making cars that are safe, luxurious, and long-lasting, and we believe that they’ve more than established themselves as a quality maker of quality cars. If you’re in need of Audi repair in Colorado Springs, contact our expert mechanics today!

The Brilliant BMW

As one of the major German car manufacturers in the world, BMW is hardly an unknown name in the auto industry. Having a deep history of involvement in the production of engines for WWI machines, the company that is now known as BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke, didn’t quite begin making cars until the 1920s. And even given with the troublesome and difficult years during and after WWII, BMW survived and is obviously now prospering.

As of today, BMW is absolutely one of the biggest producers of luxury foreign cars on the market. Most people who own a BMW say they are faithful and that they would never want to own a different car. BMW’s are known for their long-lasting engines, their safety, and of course, their luxury. Additionally, many BMWs can run well even after reaching and exceeding 300,000 miles; from our experience, BMW owners rarely suffer from buyer’s remorse. As even BMW’s can encounter issues every now and then, make sure that you know of a great BMW repair shop in Colorado Springs.

Germany is no stranger to making great cars and we could honestly go on and on about some of the best cars on the planet. Join us next time for part two of our blog series on some amazing German-made automobiles. And even though it may seem like we’re biased, no matter what kind of car you’re driving, it’s valuable to know where to take it when it’s in need of a little auto pick-me-up.

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