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Welcome back to our blog page at Your Import Car Doctor! Here in Colorado Springs, we’re staying as busy as ever, keeping our customers safe on the road in their BMWs, Lexus’, Volvos, and other imports. Taking the best care of your car is what we do, whether you need Colorado Springs Volvo service, Subaru repair, BMW repair, or any other kind of import car work and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re like most of us, you can remember the days of driving junky cars. Whether your first car was a beat-up old jeep or your college wheels were a “clunker” of a different brand, though you may have some fondness for that time in your life, you’re glad to have moved on. Since our “clunker days,” most of us have upgraded the vehicles we drive; especially those of us who have waited and saved up to get our dream car. Whether that’s an Audi, a BMW, a Volvo, or any other high-quality car, you love the feeling of getting in and out of that beauty; you take pride in driving it around town and you take excellent care of it. You take it to a mechanic who specializes in its care because you believe that certain mechanics are more qualified to work on your car baby, and that belief is dead on.

Foreign-made cars are more complicated to work on than your standard Fords and Chevys. Taking your car to a mechanic who specializes in imports is vital to the long-life and maintenance of your car. If you knew that your choice of mechanic could make a difference in the quality of the way your car runs, wouldn’t you make the call to use a specialized mechanic? There are some very compelling reasons to take your foreign-made car to a mechanic who knows all about imports. In our two-part blog, we’ll talk about the most compelling arguments choosing an import specialist. Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Unique Vehicles Require Unique Repairs

Any Lexus, BMW, Audi, or Volvo mechanic near Pikes Peak can tell you that these foreign-made cars are quite different from an American-made car. These vehicles, though notably of higher-quality, require different repairs at different times. Certain Japanese cars might have frequent issues with front brake rotors; causing vibrations when braking, while some expensive European models might have more frequent oil leaks. Your import car mechanic knows what to look for when your car needs some TLC and they should be able to spot any potential dangers your foreign-made car might be in danger of encountering. If you’re needing foreign-made, or more specifically, European auto repair, Colorado Springs has the mechanic for you!

2. Training For Each Foreign Car is Different

When you have to work on mostly American-made cars, your mechanic’s training will center around the most common American brands. You might receive a little bit of training with imports, but it definitely won’t be the focus of your learning and practical training. Mechanics who specialize in imports are getting in-depth, hands-on training for each of the foreign-made brands. It’s shameful when a standard mechanic can’t even locate the battery for a BMW, but can you blame them when they scarcely work on foreign-made cars? For the best Colorado Springs BMW repair, Volvo repair, Audi repair, and work on any other import, give us a call!

Though no car is perfect, and no vehicle lasts forever, certain foreign-made cars are known to be of higher quality and tend to last longer. Knowing that your car needs specific maintenance should make you think twice before you stop at a standard mechanic. No matter what kind of import car you have, it’s important to know that it’s in good hands when it does need repairs or regular maintenance. Whether you need Colorado Springs Lexus repair, Audi repair, or a Volvo mechanic, trust that your import specialist is qualified and experienced enough to take the absolute best care of your vehicle.

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