When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it can easily throw life off-kilter. At Your Import Car Doctor, we have you and your car’s best interests at heart. We believe that auto repair should be based on honest needs, not upsells. In order to help you make decisions about your vehicle’s repairs, we want to provide you with as much information as possible. Want to learn more about our mechanic services? Whether you need a tune up or full car repair services in Colorado Springs, trust your local mechanic. Stay tuned to our blog to learn a bit more about what we do, or come visit us for more immediate help.

  1. Audi after service

    The Best German-Made Imports

    When it comes to the best options for import auto repair in Colorado Springs, there is no better choice than Your Import Car Doctor. No matter what kind of car you drive, we specialize in auto care for all different kinds of vehicles and we’re equipped and experienced to take on your car’s speci…Read More

  2. Subaru Trendy Car on Street

    Subaru: More Than Just a Trendy Car

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Your Import Car Doctor. Working on imports is definitely our passion here in Colorado Springs, but we are trained and experienced to work on all makes and models. Make sure you give us a call for your foreign-made car repair needs and your domestic car services.…Read More

  3. Car Technician Caring for Car

    5 Reasons to Take Your Foreign-Made Car to a Specialist, Pt 1

    Welcome back to our blog page at Your Import Car Doctor! Here in Colorado Springs, we’re staying as busy as ever, keeping our customers safe on the road in their BMWs, Lexus’, Volvos, and other imports. Taking the best care of your car is what we do, whether you need Colorado Springs Volvo servi…Read More

  4. Common Issues for Imports Part 1

    The Most Common Issues For Imports, Pt 1

    You’ve done it, you’ve taken the plunge and, against the advice of your grandpa, who listens to copious amounts of country music and believes that it’s American-made cars or nothing, you’ve bought a foreign car. Foreign or “import” cars are awesome! They have more luxury models than any …Read More

  5. Buying a Used Car

    Buying a Used Car: Should My Mechanic Check It Over?

    When the economy took a dive a few years ago, more and more people realized that buying brand new vehicles just wasn’t in the cards. In order to find that balance between saving money and having vehicles that work well, it felt like everyone was rushing out in droves and snapping up used cars left…Read More

  6. When to See a mechanic

    Six Signs It’s Time To See a Mechanic

    Do you often find yourself fervently wishing and urging your car to just keep going one day more, just a little bit longer? No one wants to deal with the hassle and expense of car repairs, but sometimes they’re inevitable. And if you’re to the point that you cross your fingers every day that you…Read More

  7. When do DIY your car

    Should I DIY? Mechanic Versus At-Home Car Repair

    These days, it feels like you can learn to do just about anything online. Between YouTube videos and written tutorials with step-by-step pictures, it’s easy enough to find a new recipe or learn how to build the perfect tree house for the kids. With the multitude of tutorials online for free and th…Read More

  8. 10 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic Before Repairs

    Car repairs are often an expensive and time-consuming hassle. When you don’t have your auto insurance policy helping pay for the repairs, those overwhelming feelings can magnify. We totally understand that there are other things you’d rather do with your time and hard-earned money. Car repairs a…Read More

  9. Welcome To Our Blog!

    No one enjoys experiencing car troubles. For most of us, our vehicles are an integral part of everyday life, so as soon as something goes wrong, it can often feel like life devolves into chaos. When your car is out of commission, even the little things can build up to be major hurdles. Think about g…Read More