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German-Made Quality

When it comes to German-made cars, the world has come to expect a certain standard of luxury, safety, and well-made, long-lasting engines. So many things seem to set German-made vehicles apart from manufacturers from other regions and it’s easy to see why this may be. In fact, many people who own cars that were manufactured in Germany say that they’ll never buy another kind of car. Though they’re usually far from the least expensive, German-made vehicles won’t let you down.

In part one of our blog series, we discussed a little bit of history, value, and repair needs of Audi and BMW. These are two of the best and most luxurious German brands and you certainly can’t go wrong when you take the plunge and purchase one. But these are hardly the only German car manufacturers to speak of; in today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some more great-quality cars to come out of Germany.

The Vibrant Volkswagen

Though many people would prefer to have a German-made car, the facts are that most vehicles made in Germany are expensive. However, Volkswagen or “VW” provides an affordable and attractive solution. For our first choice in part two of our blog series, we’ve landed on this one-of-a-kind classic. With its inception in the 1930s, this German-made line of cars has definitely become one of the most prominent automakers on the planet. Volkswagen, which means “the people’s car” in German, started in 1937 by the German Labor Front. During WWII, much like many other European auto manufacturers, Volkswagen, or VW, largely military-grade vehicles that were utilized for the war efforts.

Since then, because of the amazing quality, surprising affordability, safety ratings, and incredible fuel efficiency, Volkswagen have grown to be some of the most widely sold cars in the world. Furthermore, a promise to have electric versions for all of VW cars by the year 2030 has been issued and we don’t doubt Volkswagen for a second. What’s not to adore about the classically modern VW? We’re still trying to figure that out ourselves! Though there was some drama with the emissions issue back in 2008, most people who currently own or have owned them in the past still swear by Volkswagen.

But as you know, these vehicles don’t last forever. When you find yourself in need of VW repair in Colorado Springs, make sure that you contact the experts. There is no better option for Volkswagen repair than our talented import mechanics at Your Import Car Doctor.

The Majestic Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to luxury vehicles that have had their start in Germany, there may be no more respected and reputable name than that of Mercedes-Benz. This much-loved European auto brand is actually a division of the German company Daimler AG, a brand that is known mostly for luxury buses, coaches, and other vehicles. Getting its name from Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft‘s 1901 Mercedes and Karl Benz‘s 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, a pair that produced their first vehicle in 1901. This well-known company is widely accepted as the first manufacturer of an automobile powered by gasoline.

With its rich history of quality, luxury, and safety, it’s no wonder that Mercedes-Benz has established itself as one of the leading makers of luxury cars, not only in Europe but throughout the world. If you have Mercedes-Benz and you are struggling to find a Colorado Springs mechanic whom you trust to work on it, let the search end with Your Import Car Doctor. We are the best and we’ve earned that reputation through our commitment to excellence over the years.

No matter what we each believe about Germany, it simply can’t be denied that this is a country that knows its cars. Though we’ve touched on some of the most prominent German car makers, this is far from an exhaustive list of German cars worth mentioning. German-made car manufacturers have established themselves as some of the best makers of not only luxury cars but also cars that are affordable for the middle-class. If you’ve been wondering about using your nest egg to purchase a European vehicle, why not opt for a car that is considered among the best in the world. German-made vehicles are here to stay, and we can’t say that we’re disappointed.

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