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Welcome back to our blog page! Here in Colorado Springs, Subaru repair, BMW repair, and work on so many other import brands are keeping us very busy at Your Import Car Doctor. Though we’re in the coldest months of the year, we don’t notice slumps in our client’s needs, rather, we’re noticing higher volumes than ever. No matter what kind of service your foreign-made car is needing, we’re equipped, experienced, and qualified to give your car its much-needed maintenance, or vital repairs.

Have you heard horror stories about standard mechanics? Many of us have heard about negative experiences our clients have experienced at the hands of a mechanic who isn’t qualified to work on imports. Maybe your story is about something that was accidentally tweaked when you brought your car in for a unique service, or perhaps your bill showed hours and hours of labor when you know your car wouldn’t have taken an expert that long to fix. At Your Import Car Doctor, we want you to be able to avoid these frustrations.

In part one of our blog series, we took a look at the first two compelling reasons to take your car to a foreign-made specialist; the fact that different vehicles have different needs and that training for import mechanics differs from standard mechanic should make you think twice about taking your precious import to any old mechanic. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss four more compelling reasons to take your foreign vehicle to the best in the area. If you’re in Colorado Springs, Lexus repair, BMW repair, and all other work on imports is what we do! Keep reading below to learn about more exciting reasons to take your car to the best.

3. Your Import Specialist is More Efficient With Your Foreign Car

If you’ve ever left an interior light on in your BMW, you might remember the difficulty you first had in trying to locate your battery. As you eventually discovered, batteries in BMWs are located in the back of the car and access to them is quite tricky. There are ways to jump the car from under the front hood, but if you weren’t experienced in BMW knowledge, you might never have known that. When you’re needing European auto repair or repairs on any other kind of import, you might be paying a lot more if you opt to take it into a standard mechanic. A mechanic who doesn’t know much about imports will spend so much more time on your vehicle’s repairs because he’s simply not as experienced with your car’s specific needs.

4. The Car’s Computer has Unique Specifications

The electronics in a car are so vital to its ability to operate normally and function at its best. The computers in imports can be ever so complicated and require a mechanic who is experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable enough to not only do an adequate job but perform excellent work on your car. When you take your complex, high-tech, and high-quality car to a mechanic who isn’t used to working on anything like it, you run the risk of incurring further damage to your car. This could lead to frustrations, extra expenses, and even legal disputes that will make you regret your mechanic decision more than ever.

5. Taking Your Import to an Expert Will Give You Peace of Mind

Knowing the potential dangers of taking your foreign-made vehicle to an amateur should make you hesitant, to say the least. Whether your car is a high-end Mercedes or a middle of the road Subaru, you definitely want someone working on it who knows what they’re doing. Taking your car to an import mechanic will keep the stress and worry from your mind because you know that you’ve made the very best call for your investment. No matter what you’re needing: Subaru repair, Volvo repair, Lexus repair, BMW repair, Audi repair, or work on any other brand of import car, you need to have a mechanic that you can trust.

Your car is not only your financial investment, it’s something on which your rely to live your life the way that you want to. For the sake of your cars longevity, maintenance, and repair needs, make sure that you have found a great import mechanic here in Colorado Springs. You won’t regret your choice to get only the best care for your import car.

We’re the Best

For foreign car repairs, you can do no better than reaching out to us at Your Import Car Doctor. We specialize in repairs for Volvo, Honda, Volkswagen, Subaru, Audi, Nissan, Lexus, BMW, and so much more! As much as we love imports, we also specialize in American-made cars; we are proficient and qualified to work on all brands and models so why wait? If you are needing car repairs, call us or contact us through our site!