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Welcome back to our blog page here at Your Import Car Doctor! Here in Colorado Springs, we’re blown away by the reviews and testimonials that we’re constantly getting from great folks in our community just like yourself. We pride ourselves on giving everyone who walks into our door the same quality service, excellent experience, and professional treatment. If you need a quality mechanic who can work on any car that you throw at them, contact your best foreign-car mechanic, Your Import Car Doctor. We specialize in repairs for Volkswagen, BMW service, work on Subarus, Volvo repair, and so much more! No matter where your car was manufactured, it should always be taken to the best auto repair shop in Colorado Springs. Contact us today to schedule service or have any questions answered about your one-of-a-kind car.

When you finally find a mechanic that you love, a lot of things can change. You no longer have to worry about sudden breakdowns or strange noises that may emerge from your car; you can rest assured that we’ll have a quick and fair solution to whatever issue you may encounter with your car. But if a Colorado Springs resident doesn’t realize everything that we can offer, we understand that they may not feel as strongly as some about our thriving business. In today’s article, we’re going to put it simply: here are three great reasons to love the auto darling of Colorado Springs: Your Import Car Doctor.

Our Extensive Knowledge Base

When you’re used to dealing with your average mechanic, there is a certain level of competence with certain famous car makes, such as Ford and Chevy. But we’ve often seen that with some of these auto repair shops, their knowledge seems to stop at the popular makes of American-made cars. Wouldn’t you love to take your car to a mechanic who specializes in repairs on foreign-made cars? Statistically speaking, American’s more often buy imports than those made by American manufacturers. Make sure that you know where to go for Volkswagen repair, Audi repair, Toyota service, and more. No matter the make of your car, we’ve got the expertise to take care of your issues.

Our Excellent Experience

We are not your novice shop of newbies who are looking in manuals and searching google for solutions to your auto problems. We are experienced in working on all kinds of cars and each of our mechanics have been through extensive and rigorous training that has equipped them to become the best of the best. Trust your import vehicle into the hands of our experienced Colorado Springs mechanics.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

When it comes to a Colorado Springs auto repair shop that values customer service among the most important foundational elements of our business structure, there is no equal to Your Import Car Doctor. From excellent treatment at the moment you walk in the door to a fair diagnostic that won’t make you feel taken advantage of to the moment you drive away in your freshly doctored car, you won’t be disappointed in your experience at our shop.

We could honestly go on and on about why we are the best, but we’re hoping that you’ll see what other customers are saying about us. Read our reviews, check out our testimonials, and contact our auto professionals with questions, comments, or concerns. We’d love to help you with your foreign-made car needs! Contact Your Import Car Doctor today!